Education & Culture States Philanthropist Dr. Buzaianu

by Rodolpho Trocci for Informatii Informatii

Nicolae Buzaianu

Nicolae Buzaianu

The past few months have been a difficult time for an honorable man. Nicolae Buzaianu who is Romanian born but now resides in Switzerland has found much dissension in his past experience in dealing with the current happenings in Zambia

Dr. Buzaianu is a former UNESCO representative for Zambia who had been wrongly accused of taking part in a gold scandal involving the past President Mr. Banda. Dr. Buzaianu is a highly educated industrialist who has been a pioneer in the field of energy. His personal beliefs are that to better a society one must tackle the present, specifically the educational system and second maintain its cultural past. He sees it as a marriage of a community. 

Originally it was believed that Nicolae Buzaianu stepped down from his Zambian post to pursue other goals. The fact is Dr. Buzaianu found much resistance from the Banda administration which displayed little interest in such educational programs. Buzaianu knew that Banda would soon be out of office and Sata would arrive. Instead of President Sata accepting assistance from Nicolae Buzaianu the now President scoffed him and wrongly accused him of taking part in a gold scandal.

Part of Nicolae Buzaianu’s journey to Zambia was to offer financial assistance through a charity he was developing. The charity planned on donating much needed funds into the educational system. The real loss here says Dr. Buzaianu “is the children of Zambia.” He further stated that his most precious treasure besides his family is the education he received in life. “It is about giving back.” He says “and giving to other who do not have opportunity.” 

Philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu has moved beyond Zambia and has no interest in taking part in its mudslinging. He wishes them the best as he now takes part in restoring churches in Eastern Europe. When asked what will his next charitable goal will be, he smiled and said “Just you wait and see.”

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